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About InstaHost Who Are We?

Insta Who? Our Story in brief...

In 1996 Amacsys Networks were formed providing web design & hosting, at this time the Internet was the domain of big business and we set out to simplify the complicated systems needed to get a professional website online. Amacsys Networks grew into InstaHost Solutions, with InstaHost delivering a bespoke, easy to use platform for all users to utilise. InstaHost were formed in Peterborough, the UK's environmental capital, and deliver our innovative hosting platforms using Eco Friendly, Carbon Neutral systems.

21 years Hosting Experience

Established as part of AMACSYS in 1996, we've always been ahead of the curve, delivering the next generation of hosting services.

100% UK Based Support

Use our Support Database or contact us through our live chat or ticketing system, we're here to help you succeed!

Best Pricing

No Lock-In contracts and our no questions, our 60 Day Money Back guarantee gives you security and peace of mind.

Insta What?

At Insta Host, we offer a wide range of hosting services, from shared hosting packages and bespoke Wordpress Hosting Platform to dedicated and Virtual Private servers. We are a trading name of InstaHost Solutions whom offer a range of services, all these services are backed by our incredible UK based, english speaking support team who are passionate "geeks" and Techies, whom are key to our Innovation and Ideation which keeps InstaHost and InstaHost Solutions at the cutting edge of the industry! And as we originally set out to ensure Web Presence is available to all, you'll receive the same fantastic level of service whether you have a small blog, e-commerce store or a corporate server!

Customer Service Specialists!

Delivering exceptional Customer Services is simple, we deliver this by sourcing like-minded staff: enthusiastic, passionate and talented people. Our cohesive team thrive on delivering outstanding and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

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Our InstaHost Mission

At InstaHost we're proud of the platform and services we deliver, ensuring that our next-level premium hosting products are available to all, helping us to engage with lifetime clients allowing us to continue to deliver innovative solutions.

Our Insta Mission Statements

  • To give all users the best-possible technologies: Our unique autoscaling technology on our cloud platform is available to all, regardless of package type.
  • To use the best hardware: We don’t cut corners and hope that our customers won’t notice. That’s why we use 100% Samsung SSD and trusted, proven, premium hardware.
  • To continually improve and innovate: We believe that companies that rest on the reputation of their brand instead of continually improving are doomed to fail. We are better than that!
  • To keep things powerful, efficient and simple: We have a commitment to make efficient, powerful and accessible user interfaces for all customers for all their products, whilst keeping interfaces simple enabling their use by all customer abilities.
  • To keep you safe online: All our packages include security features unique to our hosting, and which many companies expect you pay extra-for.
  • To Develop a Partnership: We love getting to know our customers personally, and we’re with you every step of the way to help you grow and celebrate your achievements.
  • We are your Problem Solvers: For our team there’s no greater satisfaction than solving a complex challenge, solving problems is now a team habit! All solutions are logged to deliver continuous improvement of our user experience.
  • A tailored experience: Set your skill level in your profile and we’ll tailor our support responses to meet your knowledge and experience. We speak your language whether you’re new to hosting or an industry veteran.
  • Existing customers get the latest improvements and the best deals: We reward existing clients, we understand how frustrating it is to see new customers getting better deals than loyal customers so all our deals can be applied by new and existing customers.
InstaHost Team Mission

InstaHost Services

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InstaHost Customer services

Customer Service Excellence

Following our 7 step process allows us to not only exceed your expectations, but also endeavour to proactively minimise the possibility or re-occurrence of disruption to your business.

Our Insta Customer Service Commitments

  • LISTEN: Listen and ask key questions based on our in-depth experience
  • UNDERSTAND: Confirm our understanding of your requirements before we engage the correct team and/or solutions
  • MITIGATE: Help minimise the effects of the issue whilst we resolve issues raised
  • COMMUNICATE: Agree with you on what basis you want to be kept updated as and when required
  • ACT: Work with all resources to fix the fault, adhering to product or service contracted SLA’s
  • REMEDY: Explain in jargon-free terms what was the cause of the issue and what was done to fix the problem
  • PREVENT : Proactively identify any possible changes or solutions that could be implemented to prevent the fault from re-occurring in the future