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    InstaHost Great value shared hosting
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    UK Cloud Based
    Up to Unlimited Web Hosting
    Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth & Email Addresses
    FREE .co.uk Domain Registration
    Massive 1-click Library
    FREE Secure FTP Locking
    FREE JavaScript Generator
    FREE Daily Daily Automated Backups*
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    Powerful Dedicated Servers
    Premium Hardware
    100Mbps Connection
    99.99% Uptime SLA
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    UK Data Centres
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    Virtual Private Servers
    Full root access
    Host multiple websites
    Advanced monitoring tools
    Free Powerful online control panel
    Advanced monitoring tools
    Insta Hybrid Servers
    Dedicated resources
    Full root access
    KVM Virtualisation
    Low contention rate
    Guaranteed RAM

Welcome to InstaHost

Welcome to InstaHost; part of the award-winning Instaprise Solutions - We offer a wide range of hosting services, from shared hosting packages, up to dedicated servers. All services are backed by our incredible UK based, english speaking support team, and you'll receive the same level of service whether you have a small blog, or run a large e-commerce store.

Our Price guarantee;

If you order a shared, dedicated, or VPS package from InstaHost, the price will never increase, ever. That's our promise to you. Also, we appreciate many people don't want to pay annually to start with, so if you sign up for a service with monthly billing, you can always switch to quarterly or annual billing at a later date and lock in considerable savings.

Shared Cloud Hosting

Starts at£0.99p/ month

Shared web hosting is what the majority of people mean when they refer to "web hosting". It simply means that many customers' websites reside on a single web server, and that the server's resources are shared among every account on the machine. Customers who do not need the flexibility of a VPS or the performance of a Dedicated Server greatly benefit from what shared web hosting has to offer.

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VPS Hosting

Starts at£16.99/ month

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is exactly what it says on the tin. A server is split into parts and each part becomes a server in its own right or a "Virtual" server. Each virtual server is completely private from the other virtual servers and functions the same as a regular server. But as multiple servers are running under one set of server hardware the running costs are significantly cheaper than dedicated servers.

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Dedicated Servers

Starts at£119.99/ month

Is your business growing fast? Maybe it could grow a lot faster? Either way, a Dedicated server hosting will provide the perfect platform for all your business needs.Freedom and security You get complete freedom with a Dedicated server hosting - you can install the software of your choice. Dedicated servers are also highly secure, as you don't have to share your access rights with outside parties.

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InstaHost Best Price Promise

Here at InstaHost we know that clients Hosting needs change often, that's why we constantly track your usage for you, we average your use over a continuous three month period and we will advise you that we will be adjusting your package as necessary if we need to! This means that you never have to pay for more than you are actually using! So sign-up with confidence today!

Insta Shared Hosting Plans

Sign-up for our Shared Hosting Packages is simple and your package is provisioned INSTAntly!


£9.95 / yr
  • 5 GB Webspace
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • 500 Mailboxes
  • MySQL
  • Secure FTP Locking
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£3.95 / mo
£39.95 / yr
  • 25 GB Webspace
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 5000 Mailboxes
  • 5000 FTP Accounts
  • 100 MySQL5 Databases
  • FREE shared SSL
  • Massive 1-click Library
  • FREE Daily Backups!
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£8.00/ mo
£80.00/ yr
  • 100 GB Webspace
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • 10,000 Mailboxes
  • 8000 FTP Accounts
  • 1000 MySQL5 Databases
  • FREE shared SSL
  • Massive 1-click Library
  • FREE Daily Backups!
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£25.00 / mo
£250.00 / yr
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL5 Databases
  • FREE shared SSL
  • Massive 1-click Library
  • FREE Daily Backups!
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InstaHost packages are so feature rich, we need a separate page for you to compare all the features!

Stop The Hacker

Every Package features our Stop The Hacker feature!

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Email Scanning

Stop viruses at the server before they reach you

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Site Backups

Our Snapshot service automatically takes daily backups of your site for the previous 30 days

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Let Us take the strain of setting up, securing and designing your new Blog!

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What People Say

  • InstaHost helped me with a professional custom server solution when my business was so rapidly growing my old system couldn't handle the load anymore.

    Lyndsey Slokhon

    CEO- EcoDeustch

  • For Cambium, INSTAHOST have been a very valuable find. Not only did they satisfy our requirements for a genuine zero carbon hosting facility, they have consistently demonstrated a high standard of responsiveness to our hosting and web-site management needs.

    John McEachen

    Partner- Cambium LLP

Insta Site Builder

From £6.50
/ mo
Build your own website with Instahost Sitebuilder
You Can Create Your Own Website
  • Select your lay out and colour scheme
  • Choose the topic of the page e.g. home page, about us, contact us etc.
  • Add your content
  • Click 'Publish'!
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