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Secure Hosting As Standard

  • INSTA-matic Malware Scanning
  • FREE wildcard SSL Encryption
  • PCI Compliant UK Hosting
  • Anti-Spam, Anti Virus Email Scans
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Brute Force Protection
Security is FREE at InstaHost

Protect your online presence from

Bot Attacks
Identity Theft
DDOS Attacks

With InstaHost Online security is Easy & comes as standard

Security breaches and exposure to malware are an ever-present threat on today’s web. Our secure UK hosting keeps you safe against harmful web attacks. We give you the tools to help you save time, money and your reputation. We don’t think that you should be charged for these services.

Stay a step ahead of online criminals with InstaHost, at no extra cost.

GDPR & PCI Compliant

Our UK data centres are ISO27001:2013 certified. Any website collecting any data in the UK needs to be GDPR compliant and if your business takes card payments your hosting needs to be PCI Compliant. Even if neither of these apply to yourself, hosting with Instahost gives you this confidence for free!

Boost Customer Trust

The security as standard approach from InstaHost enables you to deliver your online presence with confidence, which in turn promotes confidence in your brand from your visitors. As the profile of online criminals rises so does customer demand on webmasters to protect your customers. We enable you to do this.

Insta Secure As Standard

The Internet has changed immeasurably since our birth as InstaHost more than 20 years ago, As an organisation we have innovated and delivered the very best Eco Friendly hosting within the UK - We listen to our customers, and last year completely revamped our approach to security - for FREE!

How it Works

We scan all websites on our WordPress, Windows and Linux shared hosting platforms every day for common malware. Using commercial tools and systems developed in-house, we uncover all sorts of nasties. Malware - such as web shells or mail/spam daemons - can compromise your installation, giving criminals access to your site’s data, email and content.
We give you a detailed report on the results of this scan in our InstaHost control panel.
And should malware be discovered, we can even send you an email alert!

On Demand Scanning

What makes our malware scanning special is that you can also run our scanner on-demand. This is convenient because you don’t have to wait until the next scheduled scan.

Immediate results

If you’ve discovered malware on your site, you’ll need to take action. Once you’ve made the changes, you’ll get confirmation on whether your fixes have worked immediately..

Disables PHP Mail

If malware is detected, PHP Mail is a hackers favourite method of infecting others so PHP mail is disabled to prevent your site from further infecting others through email.

All emails and forwarders sent and received are subject to advanced antivirus and anti-spam protection.
We use 3 layers of inbound spam and virus scanning:


Commercial anti-spam blacklists from Spamhaus, Invaluement and Barracuda Networks are used to reject mail from known spam networks.

Virus Scanning

Any known malware signatures are automatically rejected.


Messages are scanned for spam-like characteristics and filtered into the ‘junk mail’ folder.

Fully configurable email filters

These filters are fully configurable via the webmail control panel. So certain senders, domains and TLDs can be whitelisted to bypass the content filter entirely. The same goes with blacklists: you can create your own from our control panel.
Whenever we reject a message for a known virus or network blacklisting, the message is returned to the sender so the sender knows what's happening. We never ‘black hole’ email.
One way to halt security breaches is to prevent criminals getting access to your code on the server. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) helps protect your data and software by blocking suspicious activity.
A common way to attack a website is to use web forms to insert malicious code. Forms aren’t covered by traditional firewalls, as they need to allow information to pass from the user to the server where the website is hosted.
The Insta WAF inspects every HTTP request for SQL injection, trojans, cross-site scripting, path traversal and many other types of attack. It performs each inspection in less than a millisecond.
The Insta security team regularly update our set of rules that filter-out malicious requests. This ruleset is made from commercially-available resources and custom rules written by the our security team.

Block visitors to your site IP address or country

Our hosting allows you block malicious IP addresses, entire subnets or even whole countries. With InstaHost you are in control of your hosting!

Website password manager

We know many of our webmasters like to secure sections of their websites, with InstaHost you can add passwords to areas of websites or whole sites quickly and easily, without having to code.

FTP security lock

We prevent unauthorised file transfer through our Insta FTP security lock, so sites can’t altered. You can unlock this for a set period of time so you can make changes, then it will revert automatically to its locked state.


Brute force attacks killed daily

Daily SPAM Filtered

Malware signatures rejected

Sites restored daily from FREE backups

FREE SSL/TLS Security with InstaHost

Protect yourself from attacks and data breaches with a Free SSL

Insta Stack Wordpress Protection

Security comes as standard at InstaHost

Brute force login protection

Being the most popular content management system comes with its own problems. A common attack vector for cyber criminals is to use ‘brute force’ to guess your WordPress admin password. These are applications that cycle through common passwords and use trial and error - random letters and numbers - to try to crack your WordPress credentials.

Insta Security

Our Insta WordPress platform includes Insta Stack Protect, which monitors log-in attempts to your WordPress admin areas. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and classify potential ‘dangerous’ automated requests. Once detected, it will block them. This also stops our platform being slowed-down by these attempts. It blocks up to four million requests - every day.

  • Comes as standard
  • Guarantees Platform Security
  • Protects your website and your brand
  • Helps with GDPR - ICO Compliance

Access from Anywhere

Built and optimised by our in-house experts, the Insta WordPress Hosting platform is 100% SSD and benefits from unique speed boosting features keeping you ahead of competitors..

  • Super-fast Insta Cache Engine
  • Managed Automatic Updates
  • Custom-made web application firewall
  • Daily Snapshots
  • Timeline Backups
  • Up to 48X Faster
  • Software resource pool
  • Hotlink Protection
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