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FREE Migration!

Unhappy with your current Host but not sure what to do?

Want to migrate from your current hosting, but not sure how to start? With our free migration service our experienced team can help migrate your servers, websites, applications, and email to our cloud services.

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Migration Experts

Free website transfer

Expect the Best, do not settle for less!

We know that for many, websites seem complicated and unfathomable, and frustratingly for many web site owners it seems easier to put up with a poor performing webhost, with slow loading times and multiple downtime and even poor customer service rather than move to a better performing Webhost and improving your customers experience by improving the experience you receive from your WebHost.

This is why we offer an absolutely FREE migration service. We will migrate your website and emails for FREE!

We deliver full migration with minimal downtime (in reality 98% of our migrations suffer less than 1 hour downtime, however on occasions, the changing of nameservers / domain transfers is sometimes not immediate. ()This is why we complete migrations at off-peak times)

Website migrations raise many questions, and below you will see the steps we take when migrating a website - But feel free to contact us to ask any questions - No Obligation at all!

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Sign-Up to InstaHost

Step 1

Sign-up with a InstaHost Plan and receive your welcome email and then simply contact our support team requesting the migration service. Our site migration team will hold your hand during the entire website transfer process to ensure that your website is transferred correctly without any issues and/or an extended period of downtime.

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Complete our Website Migration form.

Step 2

The details you will need are dependent on whom you are currently hosting with. For Heart Internet and FsstHosts we require your API details, for cPanel/WHM please enter WHM details or for any other companies we will need your FTP access (Don't worry if this doesn't make sense to you - our team is here to help every step of the way!) If your site has been built on a package such as WordPress, Magento or PrestaShop then also create us an admin login to the backend.

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Insta Assessment

Step 3

Once we've received the information regarding the account you want migrating. We will perform an assessment of the accounts/data to be migrated from the remote server, we may need to request additional details from you to enable this to happen. The assessment is generally done within a few hours, after which we will have a better understanding of the process needed to migrate your account(s)

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Insta Plan

Step 4

After the assessment we should have sufficient details in order to formulate a plan of how to migrate your accounts. This will differ in each case, and depend on the number of accounts and where they are being transferred from. This stage may involve a test migration being performed. You will receive a link to our online Project Management System - this is to ensure you are kept in the loop and can see everything which occurring and planned.

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Test Review

Step 5

We will migrate your files into our test environment. Your website will continue to function on your existing webhost, and we will ask you to review the site in the test environment to ensure the correct functioning of your site in the test environment

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Migration Go-NoGo

Step 6

Once the test site has been tested (by our migration team and yourselves) and we are happy that we have full functionality, we will then action the migration. This will be agreed with you before this is commenced. During the migration you should experience no downtime to your site. The site will be served from both your old host and InstaHost during the migration process however, for those running an ecommerce store we may put the site in to maintenance mode while the transfer of data takes place to ensure consistency of the database and data (eg orders!).

We also strongly encourage all customers ensure they have taken their own full, independent backups from their old hosting accounts. If you're unsure how to do this then please let us know, we can either guide you through this process or with access to your existing hosting account, we will complete this for you prior to the migration.

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Domain Changes

Step 7

We do not transfer any domain names or modify/clone DNS, so once the migration has completed you can test the website, and then change the nameservers to InstaHost and (optionally) transfer the domain in. Again this is a simple process and we can support you by either talking you through the process (we have prepared some instructions for users) However, we understand that some people are not comfortable doing this type of thing so as long as you provide us with your login details & there is no sensitive data stored there then we can login & make the changes for you. You can then sit back and let us do our work!

Start with a small service

Enjoy our superior service, cancel your existing Hosts

Final step!

As we mentioned, whilst we migrate your website no files are deleted - so your website files will continue to reside on your old web host. This means that until we are content that all is working properly your existing website is just one step away from being restored to active, however we have never had the need for this. Once we have final sign-off from yourself we would then advise that you may cancel your existing hosting service.

Why Move to InstaHost?

InstaHost sitebuilders template

Autoscaling Cloud Platforms

Rather than being tied to one server, your websites make use of resources from across the entire platform. Those resources autoscale as needed at no extra cost, ensuring no single point of failure. cPanel isn’t able to do this platform-wide, which is why we’ve created our own simple-to-use control panel.

InstaHost sitebuilders template

Expert UK Support

Our Support Team is based in the UK, and always will be. They’re passionate about hosting, with years of experience. They live in the office next to our Dev Team at our Insta HQ, so they have fast access to the best technical minds in the business! We hope you never have a problem, but if you do, you’ll receive quality help and support.

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Performance and Reliability

No matter how busy your sites get, you’re guaranteed the same high performance. We’re constantly adding better storage and processing resources to keep delivering the best-possible results. We use 100% Samsung Enterprise SSD drives to deliver rock-solid reliability. You can depend on our DNS platform: it uses the same resources as Google.

Migration F.A.Q's

Usually within 48 hours. Because each migration is unique, there may be technical restrictions which increase complexities, so we cannot give you an exact number for this, as it's entirely dependant on the account size and data speeds, to the source server. - If we take an example of a small business website that has 15 to 20 pages of content, 5 email addresses, emails stored on the server & the total space taken up by all files does not exceed 1GB of data & they are hosted on a cPanel server in the UK then we would estimate that the data transfer would not exceed 30 minutes.

Once the data transfer is complete it is then necessary to update the nameservers. All that this does is to point your domain name to the server that you are now hosted on. When you make nameserver changes it does take a few hours for the changes to take effect across the internet (this is called DNS propagation).If you are unsure on any of this, please get in touch so that we can understand your exact needs.

If your current hosts are HeartInternet or Fasthosts we will need your API details. For Cpanel/WHM or any other Hosts, we need the full login details of your current hosting provider (Control panel link, FTP details, root/administrator passwords, whatever you have). We also need a full list of the domains names and usernames you wish to move and we'll do the rest. If we need any further details we would be in contact. Don't worry though - we will be able to help you find the details - even if you are not sure who you are hosting with!

We know how important your sites are and our team are experts in moving sites with no downtime. Your site will be present on both new and old servers during the migration and only once you are happy (we provide a temporary URL for you to ensure your site is running correctly before the migration) - the final switch will be made. However, during the DNS propagation period (when we repoint your domain name to our nameservers) there may be some unpredictable email behaviour as various ISPs pick up the new nameservers. But don’t worry your email will get through, no problem.

Yes, absolutely. Our aim is to make life as easy as possible for you so we are happy to perform migrations 24x7 and at a time that suits you.

If you are migrating from Heartinternet, Fasthosts or cPanel web hosting service then yes, no problem, we will migrate your emails. For other control panels or systems just ask & we’ll confirm everything for you in advance.

It is recommended that you cancel after the free migration service has been confirmed complete and you have checked the account's integrity. We will explicitly inform you when this can be completed

Unfortunately some websites cannot be moved, even by our experienced Migration team. This is due to technical limitations of your existing web host or we simply cannot support some of the features or transfer your existing solution.

Here is our current list of web hosts/website builders that we cannot transfer:





Website Tonight



Google Sites

Microsoft Office Live Small Business / Office 365

We accept this, however - we could say that our migrations result in zero downtime but, as with all changes in domain records - this is beyond our control and could take up to 48 hours (generally this is less than an hour) Here at InstaHost we prefer to be completely transparent and include this domain propagation time within the Migration process, so you know exactly what is included. Other hosts choose to refer to the domain propagation as separate to the migration.

As domain propagation is beyond any individual Hosts control we are all subject to the same timescales.

Simple Account management & Control Panel

All InstaHost customers have access to IHS Control Area, a sleek and intuitive dashboard accessed though your control area. We’ve designed it to be user-friendly and familiar. All the must-haves are in easy reach and powerful tools will be at your fingertips.

More Powerful than cPanel - Our IHS (Insta Host System) Panel is intuitive and designed our control panels to work with our fully autoscaling, load-balancing platforms for higher reliability.

Fully Responsive - Accessible anywhere from any device, you can manage your hosting, domains, and other services easily on the go - All you need is an internet connection!!

Access your Insta SiteBuilder directly from your IHS Control Panel

InstaHost Control Panel